Hi, here I will present all the projects that are in the process of production. 

Of course, if you are interested, contact me ☺️ 


I will gradually reveal this project on my Instagram (@miksahank) and you definitely have something to look forward to 

 Unfortunately, I can't show more from the "OnePiece" project here, you will find out everything in time. 

Paris - 2

Pilsen - 5

Berlin - 8

Prague - 2

Custom boat

Custom boat Custom modification of the ship with the original motif of imitating the work of Kandinsky, but in the end it's more like Miró😆 

There are only four sections in color on the ship and the rest of the ship will be made up of a black pattern only. Only half of it is already finished, so just a moment and the boat can leave to wade the streams on Vitince. It will probably stay in the garage until the holidays 😔

 Possibility of renting by arrangement☺️ 




Václav Havel